How we use your Data

I have a bit of a thing about unwanted emails and phone calls. So I will never contact you unless you ask me to when I will be more than happy to call you or respond to text, voice mails or emails.

I do not store data about anyone enquiring about our services unless you specifically ask me to do that. All data stored is held under strict data protection regulations as we are registered (Touchstone Associates Ltd of which I am the Founder and Director and which own this site) and always have been with the ICO (Information Commission Office). I treat the handling of data extremely carefully, it is essential to a business such as ours that clients have absolute confidence that we will neither lose track of it, sell it, give it to someone else or use it to sell to you. Most of our work comes through referrals, tenders or bids which we are most often asked to submit. We do minimal advertising of our services in specific journals.

We have a full Privacy Policy which is available to download