Why Now

Your time to blossom, perhaps?

If you have ever questioned your own ability to lead or asked yourself when ‘they’ are going to find you out, or felt ill at ease about the way you are showing up as a leader each day, then the time is right for you. I will help you explore your role as a leader and find the authentic leadership role that is yours alone.
The surprising thing is that there are a significant number of people in leadership positions across the world who ask themselves these questions on a daily basis. Sometimes we think that it seems so easy that we simply must be doing something wrong or that we have missed something, perhaps doubting our own ability to lead.

Finding who we are as leaders can be a challenging journey to go on, but people I work with say they have found it worthwhile and have found or rediscovered their confidence and who they are as leaders. So if you want to find out who you are as a leader, step up a notch, or leave those self-doubts behind then do call me on 07779 718067 to have a conversation about whether working with me is right for you or not.

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Considering a career break – or wanting to pick up your career? - I can help you to work through the key issues for you and how to plan the break to enable you to return to a future you want or to plan that return when you are ready. It can be challenging, feeling that you may be lagging behind, but there are many positives – take a look at this video……

There is no pressure to work with me, I may be the right one for you, I may not and we won’t find that out till we talk.  If I am not that’s fine too and I may even be able to suggest alternative Coaches that may suit you better.  I have a large and fabulous network of coaches who work from different aspects of life and business.

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