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Throughout our journey together I will share resources with you that will help you to grow and enable you to continue develop yourself once our coaching has come to its end. My plan is always to help you to become the best that you can be, have a plan to sustain that and most of all, to do so in a way that is entirely yours, not mine or a copy of a style of anyone else’s but uniquely yours. Always.
So if you are interested then give us a call now or email me at judith@touchstoneassociates.co.uk
The start of your journey to being the best you can be is only a phone call away.

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We provide a range of free resources, point you in the direction of new and emerging information about leadership, coaching and life. We do this by email which provides links to information or quotes we think you may like, these come out mostly around 2 to 3 times a month, sometimes more, sometimes less. It depends when new stuff emerges.

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I have put links below for you to easily access some thought provoking and interesting books and some video’s from TED lecturers, always a fabulous way to learn and grow in my experience.   If you have already found the www.ted.com website then no explanation is necessary, if you haven’t then please visit, it is a place filled with ‘ideas worth sharing’

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